Car and Truck Brakes: A Buyer’s Guide

Brakes are a very important component of your vehicle’s disc-brake system, which makes sure that they’re in great shape is essential to your safety on the road. The normal noise made by the brakes is usually quite audible, however when the brakes are fully applied it can be muffled by loud music, or other outside noise. This often indicates that brake pads need to be replaced, and you should take your vehicle to an auto parts store to have this done before it causes any more damage to your brakes. There are several types of brake pads available on the market, and most are designed for different makes of car.

Brake rotors can also suffer from brake wear, with the rotors being pushed past their limits due to friction with brake pads. Rotors usually wear out at a slower rate than brake pads, however if they do wear out too much it could mean that the rotors have come loose from the brake pads and are starting to leak. It is always recommended that your rotors be serviced regularly to ensure they remain well-maintained, as the wear and tear caused by friction will quickly reduce the life of your rotors and brakes, potentially leading to a total failure of both.

If your vehicle has automatic brakes, then brake pads and rotors can be serviced at the same time, though this is not always the case. Generally, brake pads need to be serviced every three thousand miles or so, while rotors need to be serviced at least once a month. If you’ve installed an automatic car alarm, then it will be possible to tell when brakes are wearing out even more easily. When brakes are worn out, the brakes lose their effectiveness and stop quickly when applied, often leading to expensive accidents. To prevent this from happening, constantly apply pressure to the brakes when driving and use them to only drive in safe distances. As a further safety measure, always use emergency brakes while driving alone, and never leave the car in a spot where another vehicle could cause an accident.